the 'x' is silent

I used to be a terrible fucking person but look at me now, attempting to contribute to society or something! 

carlykaxt: a human who thinks she's a dog who thinks she's a cat
#feministAF #selfcarecoach #climatechangeisreal #storytime

this particular iteration of the kaxt name explores mental health coping strategies, mindfulness practice, lowkey advocacy ideas for people without a lot of spoons/time with a splash of travel v/b-logging. That's short for videoANDORMAYBETRADITONALSTYLEblogging. yw.

Using my lifelong aptitude of writing, decades long fascination of the video format and inability to function as a human without constantly questioning the validity of each thought, I share a lot of life's questions with the internet. "Am I being manic right now? Is that a judgement I placed or is that true? Is this something I should actually worry about? What would be a better way to express this emotion? Am I seriously having a fucking panic attack while writing this stupid About Me section right now????" (ft. it's follow up question, "can I ride this wave without a xanax?")

The product of childhood neglect, obvious inherited mental illness, a pretty accurate Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis, a zen Buddhist revelation and an intense desire to express, create, connect,
I am carlykaxt. Stay a while and listen.



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